“You shall not only eat with the mouth but also with the head,
so that the desire of your mouth will not ruin you.” (F. Nietzsche)


Do you still know what you eat? - And is it always healthy?

Colorful tartlets, flavorsome instant-soups, tens of years life milk, long lists of ingredients on the package contents… the modern age is a wonder of food processing technology! – Who has not asked themselves if their body can tolerate all these things? Or whether perhaps they have developed a food intolerance? People often underestimate delayed food sensitivity, because your body does not necessarily react immediately, e.g. to an incompatible substance of your healthy cereal. The ALCAT Test™ may reveal the reason why you cannot lose weight, or the cause of abdominal pain, constipation, heartburn or rash. ALCAT Europe is specialized to perform a high-quality blood analysis, in which we identify responses of white blood cells that are responsible for food intolerance. Our products provide an effective tool for physicians and patients to actively participate in health. The ALCAT Test™ method is based on nearly 30 years of research, development and clinical success. With the ALCAT Test™ many clinical symptoms can be improved or possibly prevented. The ALCAT program shows a lasting positive impact on health and lifestyle.

The ALCAT program – optimized nutrition tailored to you personally

Our staff has excellent expertise in theory and practice regarding nutrition. The ALCAT program allows anyone to coordinate the effects of nutrition on your mind and body with targeted dietary recommendation – tailored to you personally. Too often commonly recommended diets in magazines or tips from friends are disappointing. These diets are not customized to the individuals own biochemistry like the ALCAT program is. There is no tuning to your body’s special needs and lack of knowledge regarding the individual adaptation. The ALCAT program helps to integrate the ALCAT Test™ results to your life. Personal consultations give any patient the opportunity to address sensitive issues. Our staff will be pleased to share this knowledge with you. You invest in quality of life!

Science & Innovation

The ALCAT Test™ is a biological immune stimulation test. Your submitted blood sample will be confronted with up to 400 agents. We identify intolerance to foods, functional foods, medicinal herbs, environmental chemicals, preservatives, additives, colorings, pharmaceutical substances and molds. When reactions occur, a change in the size and volume of white blood cells takes place. The cell changes indicate that an adverse nonspecific cellular reaction has taken place. This means that highly aggressive cell contents have been released an/or the cells die. The initiation of this complex defense or inflammatory responses may have different molecular biological causes. The white blood cells form an effective first line of defense in cases of acute infection, e.g. from viruses and bacteria. However, chronic activation leads to inflammation and underlying inflammation, which can have far-reaching health consequences. You are invited to read our study abstracts since 1988, please click http://www.alcat.com/clinical_info.php. The ALCAT Test™ does NOT identify classic food allergy type 1 and differs fundamentally from laboratory tests, which identify mechanisms of the specific immune system, e.g. allergy tests (IgE antibodies) or IgG antibodies.

The current state of scientific knowledge

„Let Food be Thy Medicine!“(Hippocrates).
You are what you eat: Be aware what you eat, find out what you can safely eat and eat healthy – for optimized health, a better body awareness and increased vitality in everyday life! A food choice that is accustomed to your personal biochemistry can boost your health and performance. You can again feel strong and vital; have healthy skin, metabolism and weight. Today’s’ industrial contains many environmental toxins, colorings, drugs, etc., which may be the cause of metabolic disorders and the health consequences of a weak immune system. Common symptoms include gastrointestinal problems, skin problems, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Unlike the past, where infectious diseases were the leading cause of death, we are currently struggling with cancer, heart disease, diabetes and degenerative processes that we associate with aging. With progressive science discoveries, we understand better how food interacts with our metabolism and the immune system. Food is an essential part of our lives. It’s been known for millennia that food can either have a strengthening or weakening effect. The ALCAT Test unmasks what may be harmful to your body and provides the information necessary to make positive dietary modifications. Studies show that there is a relationship between chronic activation of the immune system, food intake and silent chronic inflammatory process. A targeted diet and lifestyle could change this. The ALCAT program does not replace any medical treatment, but can be very valuable to your health if the results are followed seriously and advices are carefully integrated into your life-style. The test can provide additional information for a professional medical treatment and serve as a valuable tool. We also recommend an ALCAT Test as a useful preventive measure for well-being and a healthy lifestyle. In addition the ALCAT Test™ does not identify enzyme-mediated lactose*infolactoseLactose or milk sugar is a sugar that is found in cow's, sheep's or goat's milk or products made from them (e.g. yogurt, cheese)., fructose*infofructose and histamine*infoHistaminHistamine is a tissue hormone and has biological effects in the body. It belongs to the group called amines and binds to special receptors in tissues throughout the body. The ALACT Test identifies cellular reactions of the white blood cells to Histamine which is a very different pathway to detect histamine intolerance. The usual test is the enzyme mediated diamine oxidase test or a common allergy tests.– intolerance or celiac disease*infoceliac diseaseCeliac disease is an inflammatory bowel disease, which is probably caused by gluten. Almost all grains contain the protein Gluten. Celiac disease should not be confused with a gluten intolerance.. The ALCAT Test differs fundamentally from laboratory tests that measure mechanisms of the specific immune system, such as allergy tests (IgE (allergy) or the IgG antibody). Therefore, it should be noted that the ALCAT Test does NOT identify classic food allergy type 1.