Standard test result package

The ALCAT Test results are clearly presented in a color chart. The foods not tolerated are delineated in different reaction categories (red, orange, and yellow). An extra field (“blue box”) contains substances which should, in the case of reactivity, exclude a food group, e.g. bread and pasta in case of a gluten intolerance, dairy products in response to casein or whey (lactose intolerance) or different sugars, yeast etc.

Our first advice is to focus primarily on the well-tolerated foods in the “green zone”, which are arranged in categories. These form the basis for the rotation schedule to ensure a varied and healthy diet!

Customized rotation schedule in compliance with the ALCAT Program

By avoiding the reactive foods for 3-6 months the immune system is given the chance to recover and regenerate. On this basis, you get a rotation schedule in the 4-day cycle.

Studies have shown that diversity of diet is important for health. The research of physical anthropology and nutritional science prove that the human digestive system generally copes better with seasonal natural foods instead of our “Western diet”. Thus, by a food group eaten and then eliminated for 3 days, cumulative over-sensitized processes are avoided. This time allows the body to rid itself of food molecules and to prevent overdose.
The enhanced self-healing can lead to the improvement of health and increase your overall fitness and wellbeing.

Free guidance notes/handbook

Each test comes with a free manual so that you will independently be able to deal with your test results, cover the subject of nutrition and intolerance and successfully increase your well-being.
The book not only explains the results, but also includes the “blue box” that deals with the exclusion of food groups (Candida albicans, gluten, casein) and the reintroduction of the reactive foods.
Lifestyle topics, “eating healthy”, vitamins, minerals, tips for making food and cooking are also addressed.

Rounding out the package is a small info Glossary Appendix to explain the offered molds, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The medicinal herbs and functional foods are explained in detail, because they are often used for teas or nutritional supplements for athletes or women in menopause.


Each client receives three copies of an individual FoodCard in business card size.
On this “miniature test result card” the highly reactive foods are listed. It fits comfortably into your wallet or pocket.

The FoodCard is your personal companion for shopping, eating out or traveling.

Outside Germany an additional fee is required for shipping test results and the food card as a hardcopy.

Recipes & helpful cost effective tips

Quick and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks in between – the recipes will be selected on the basis of the ALCAT results.
There it is appreciated that the meals are healthy, high quality, easy to prepare and cost-effective.

Your nutritional coach – the ALCAT program

The consultation will take place by phone, or if you have Skype, then with the camera – almost as if you were sitting in front of your consultant!

For 3-6 months you will receive a personal nutritional coach to accompany you in your selected program. The coach is there to help ensure the best possible implementation.

In personal dialogue, dietary modifications are explored and your questions answered. Regular motivation is guaranteed, so that self-set goals will be achieved.

Extended customized recipes plan

Reach your goals to optimize your health, increase well-being and fitness, and reach and maintain your ideal weight.
On special inquiry we support you with recipes for your ALCAT program. Your coach will consider your preferences and unwanted foods and will work with you to provide a personalized rotation diet schedule that includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

It is priority that the recipes are healthy, nutritious, simple and practical.

A comprehensive recipes rotation schedule tailored to you personally costs 99, – EUR.


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