Drug sensitivity

„Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine!“


It is very well known that drugs that are chemical. However, we have them because they save lives!
It is generally accepted that drug hypersensitivity can cause undesirable side effects. With The ALCAT TEST you now have the possibility of choice: If the test identifies sensitivity to a certain drug, it can be replaced with another, e.g. without the intolerant ingredient.

Since drugs may also affect the gut flora and metabolism, it is reasonable to explore the daily food intake properly. In our experience, a sound diet according to the ALCAT program has a positive effect along with a drug therapy.

In some therapies no side effects have occurred when accompanied with a simultaneous ALCAT program. This we attribute to the relief of the immune cells, which are measured with the ALCAT Test™.

With the use of some drugs, for example with high-dose cortisone or immunosuppressive drugs the ALCAT Test™ cannot be performed. Even after taking antibiotics, we recommend that you wait at least three weeks before you will send in your ALCAT blood sample.

However, the ALCAT Test™ is designed to help, even with regular medication, to identify potential inflammation-inducing substances in your diet, e.g. in asthma spray, insulin or cholesterol tablets. This may help not to burden the immune system unnecessarily.