What is food intolerance

Multiple symptoms – one cause

Diabetes, obesity, digestive problems, allergies or skin problems are increasing. How is this possible despite of all the advances of medical technologies and health facilities?

Science supports that the influence of diet is underestimated as a cause of disease. Drugs and pharmaceuticals taken orally must pass many tests before admission. The effect of today’s industrial food is not regulated to this degree.

But make no mistake, what we eat has effects. Food can activate the immune system. The body is an ancient system and is not familiar with the “new foods” such as fast food, prepared meals, refined sugar etc.

In simple words: We are feeding our body with the wrong duel, at best, highly contaminated gasoline!

Its no accident that the cellular innate immune system mistakenly fights food. Cellular chain reactions cause increased oxidative stress and the release of biochemical aggressive cell contents, such as molecules and inflammatory mediators that can lead to cell death. These reactions cause silent inflammation; they stress the body and form the basis for degenerative processes. Immune- and metabolic health is weakened, as important defenses decrease.

Therefore, avoid food intolerance, because the body is your greatest asset!

Our innovation

The ALCAT Test™ is designed to test our bodies’ cellular responses to food. If there is an incompatibility with a substance, typical changes of white blood cells occur.

This innovative testing method can analyze up to 400 intolerance reactions of the innate immune system with just one blood sample.

For almost 30 years the ALCAT Test has offered physicians and patients the opportunity to participate actively together in the recovery process of complaints, caused by inflammation and chronic activation of the innate immune system.

Strengthening the immune system may be an important step by eliminating the nutritional components that disrupt the immune balance. This way, you can build more resilience, strength and resources for resistance to different stress factors.