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With vitality and fitness we mean all kinds of physical and mental performance. Performance and psyche are closely linked and dependent on internal and external factors. Therefore determine not only the anatomical conditions or the psychological and mental performance (skills, knowledge, experience) the fitness, but also the inner attitude.

    With the ALCAT program, you can

  • optimize and customize nutritional requirements and withstand the challenges
  • improve athletic performance,
  • relieve symptoms of stress,
  • stay mentally strong and stable.


The concept of stress comes from the English-speaking world and means “tension” or “pressure”. By certain external stimuli “stressors” physical and mental reactions are caused. Stress is an important factor in the adaptation of a living organism to its environment. The stress response is a certain expectation, in which the body is set in a confrontation with a stimulus on responsiveness. For this a number of stimulating or calming neurotransmitters are released. For example, Adrenaline is released in a potentially dangerous situation, the so called “fight or flight” response.

Not only elite athletes, but also managers, musicians, mothers – many are exposed to high stress situations. Because of the permanent load the body will become faster mentally and / or physically ill. This can lead to heart and circulatory diseases, depression, burn-out etc.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a special form of diabetes mellitus (see Diabetes mellitus). Again, a faulty hormone production is the cause. During pregnancy the glucose release is increased, because the body needs more sugar. The pancreas must therefore produce insulin to lower the blood glucose level. If the pancreas does not manage to produce more insulin, the result will be a so called true insulin deficiency. It may also be that the cells do not respond to the insulin stimulus resulting in the so-called relative insulin deficiency and, consequently gestational diabetes. Overweight or poor diet favor the development of gestational diabetes.

Stress on the cellular level

Due to stress many processes happen in the body, on the cellular and biochemical levels. The most common phagocytic cells of the innate immune system are the neutrophils. They usually comprise more than 90-95% of circulating granulocytes. The overall system is an effective first line of defense in acute infection, but chronic activation leads to symptoms. They have a short half-life and are very offensive.

Neutrophils destroy pathogens in different ways, but mostly by releasing high doses of celltoxic oxygen- and nitrogen radicals and / or strong proteolytic enzymes.

Inflammation and oxidative stress

We are now meeting the link between chronic activation of the innate immune system (silent inflammation) and degeneration, which is aging.

William R Clark, now retired professor of immunology at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA), describes some of the effects of neutrophils activation in his book, “A Means to an End: The biological basis of aging”, Oxford University Press, 1999 :

“One of the more common sources of reactive oxygen species in the body as a whole is from cells that use the destructive power of these molecules as a natural defense against microbial infection. Phagocytes (literally, “eaters of cells”) such as macrophages and neutrophils, purposely generate high levels of oxygen radicals, which they store in tightly sealed intracellular compartments…. Oxygen radicals released in this fashion can be taken up be adjacent cells, and once inside they cause the same sort of damage as radicals produced internally….in the case of prolonged infections a chronic

inflammatory state may develop, and the repeated engorging and death of phagocytes can cause serious oxidative damage to nearby healthy cells. This is also a major source of damage in chronic inflammatory autoimmune reactions such as rheumatoid arthritis, and can lead to serious tissue loss.

The damage done by reactive oxygen molecules needed to operate living cells can be enormous. No molecular species is immune. Oxygen radicals can attack and deform proteins molecules, disrupting structural complexes and inhibiting important enzymatic functions….Oxygen radicals also attack the individual nucleotide bases that make up both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA.”


Migraine is a neurological disorder with mostly one-sided, throbbing headache associated with aversion to light and noise, nausea and up to neurological imbalance. Triggers may be certain foods, stress, lack of sleep and hormonal influences.

Concentration and mental strength

The ability to concentrate can be describes as the deliberate concentration of mental forces to focus on a single activity or goal. In this context, it is known that e.g. hyperactive children respond strongly intolerant to chemical substances and sugar in the diet.

The ALCAT program provides the ideal nutritional basis to avoid “cellular stress” by avoiding foods that are wrong for you. The program allows a diet that prevents unwanted cell defense reactions to food particles.

Example II, Vitality protocol (300/250/200 agents)

The vitality panel is an excellent choice to achieve very good results for wellbeing, fitness and performance:

  • 200/150/100 ALCAT 200 or ALCAT 150 Veg
  • 50 Chem:20 preservatives/colorings, 10 environmental chemicals, 20 pharmaceutica substances
  • 50 Wellness: 50 medicinal herbs & Functional foods


Effectiveness and validation of the ALCAT Test ™ (selection)

Beginning in 1988 and carrying through to the present several clinical studies have been performed demonstrating the effectiveness of the ALCAT Test. Also *double-blind studies infodouble-blind studiesTo obtain an unbiased outcome the study must be carried out in double blind fashion wherein neither the doctor (investigator) nor test subject knows whether the food they are re-introducing has been indicated by the blood test as being either positive or negative. The test results are evaluated to see if they correlate with this, the, “gold standard” - a double blind oral challenge. This is a rigorous and time consuming protocol that yields an objective evaluation of both the sensitivity and the specificity of the test.

A valid test for food intolerance must measure the direct effect of food substances on precisely those cells of the immune system which are responsible for the biological effector function (chronic inflammation). If the test results are valid there should be in a concordance with symptoms (e.g., gastrointestinal complaints), and be demonstrable by double blind oral exposure.for evaluation of the accuracy of a blood test for food intolerance were carried out to see how well the test results correlate with actually eating the food.

Why is that important?

This is important because you want the test to correctly identify reaction provoking substances; but, you also do not want the test to show false positives. The first parameter is called, “sensitivity”. The second is called, “specificity”. A false positive would cause you to needlessly eliminate a safe food. Why go through the trouble and deprivation?

Scientists have shown that in patients with irritable bowel syndrome, atopic eczema, allergic rhinitis or migraine the ALCAT Test™ can detect those foods that cause the above symptoms. The ALCAT Test™ has shown an impressive consistency in the double-blind study of 83.4% for foods. With standardized non biological substances, the accuracy is as high as 92%.

Gastrointestinal, skin & weight loss

1. In a randomized controlled weight loss trial of the Baylor Medical College, USA in 1996, the results showed that the 98% (49 out of 50) of the subjects who followed the ALCAT protocol experienced improvement for weight reduction and/or body composition. The control group showed only modest success of these parameters, and these results were statistically significant. (Kaats GR. Et al, 1996).

2. The effect of the ALCAT Test™ diet for food intolerance in patients with obesity (Akmal M. et al, 2009): The diet based on the ALCAT Test™ resulted in significant weight reduction, percentage of body fat and body mass index. During the 12 week ALCAT diet also other symptoms, such as physical performance, bloating, digestive problems, and headaches, improved.

Important notes - what does ALCAT not test for?

There is a clear distinction between the ALCAT test and other methods. Nevertheless, it is sometimes confusing.

Note: The ALCAT Test™ is not a food allergy test (Type I (IgE)! Allergy tests are measuring reactions of the specific immune system while the ALCAT TEST ™ captures predominantly cellular responses of the innate immune system.

  • The ALCAT Test™ is not a provocation test to determine a fructose intolerance, histamine intolerance or lactose intolerance.
  • It would be incorrect to confuse the ALCAT Test ™ with the cytotoxic test, a microscopic examination of white blood cells.
  • The ALCAT Test™ is not a test method to determine enzymatic defects, per se
  • The ALCAT TEST™ is not kinesiology or a hair analysis to determine food intolerance.

The ALCAT test is a validated method for identification of foods and other substances that trigger inflammation.

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Major categories of symptoms of which you will find related studies, include: Gastrointestinal complains, arthritis, autism, chronic fatigue, weight management, skin problems, multiple or general symptoms, including migraine headaches. You can also view technical studies about the accuracy of the testing system.

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